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NOVAWAVE A new category of Automated Microwave Digestion

Model FA: A Fully Automated NOVAWAVE Microwave Tunnel Digestion System with all the software and operational parameters employed in the Model SA; plus the Transporter, Auto-Cooling and Auto-Venting Stations to complete the automation. The Model FA provides unattended, automatic processing of up to 14 racks totalling 168 samples.

Speed and flexibility are built-in with the capability of running racks of samples with individual sample temperature programs. Simultaneously, digest water and soil samples in the same rack with an optimized digestion program employed for each sample! Racks can be left on the Transporter after processing, as in an after-hours run, or removed immediately for sample analysis once the rack leaves the Auto-Venting Station.

Laboratories with a large number of samples can enjoy the same method flexibility as the Model SA throughout the entire 14 racks of 168 samples. Sample vessels are placed in racks which are moved under software control into the microwave tunnel. Dynamically, 12 microwave microcavities are formed and energy is delivered to each microcavity according to the digestion method selected. On exiting the tunnel, the rack proceeds to the Cooling Station and a second rack enters the tunnel to begin its digestion sequence. Once digestions in the second rack are completed, it moves to the Cooling Station with the first rack moving to the Auto-Venting Station. Here, vessels are safely vented automatically when they reach a pre-assigned temperature pre-set in the method.
NOVAWAVE FA - Digestore automatizzato a microonde
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