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The vial cleaning system provides the safest and most efficient method for cleaning PFA vials and labware.  Molded from high purity PFA, the vial cleaning system is designed specifically for heated soaking, and is a superior, unbreakable alternative to glass beakers traditionally used for cleaning PFA labware. The matching cleaning container lid fits securely on the vial cleaning system and prevents unwanted contamination from entering the vial cleaning system during the cleaning process.
Bottigle in PFA & FEP
Purillex bottles are used as by the pharmaceutical industry for storing and shipping bulk drugs prior to final packaging, as product packaging by high purity acid manufacturers and in many trace metals labs around the world.
Savillex column vessels are designed to be used as building blocks for multi-purpose laboratory devices. Column vessels and segments are designed to withstand up to 75 psi (wrench tightening required) and can be assembled for use in distilling, impinging, gas scrubbing, liquid vapor traps, or for the transfer and handling of difficult solutions. Column vessels are also available which can be used directly with Savillex filtration products. The assembled components are leakproof, and do not require the use of additional PTFE tape for sealing.

Clining System in PFA & FEP
Colonne in PFA & FEP
Savillex molded PFA digestion vessels are compatible with all acids and can be placed directly in a microwave unit for digestion of samples. Digestion vessels with flat exteriors can also be placed directly on a hot plate for additional heating. The pressurized digestion process can produce extremely high pressures very rapidly, especially when performed in a microwave. These products should only be used by individuals with experience in microwave sample preparation techniques, and only with appropriate safety measures.

Please note that digestion vessels are sold individually and standard compatible closures are available for each digestion vessel. You may also contact Savillex with any specialty closure requirements you have.

Vessel per Microonde PFA & FEP
Filtrazione in PFA & FEP
Savillex offers pre-assembled filtration units in our most popular configurations for your in-line filtration requirements. Filter membranes for these assemblies may be changed without disconnecting external lines.

Autosample vials in PFA & FEP
Savillex molded PFA autosampler vials are designed to be used in a wide array of autosamplers for ICP, AA, GFAA and other instruments. Savillex PFA vials are inert and will reduce the potential for outside contamination or absorption of analytes. Please note that vials are sold individually and standard compatible closures are available.

Introduzione del campione ICP-OES & ICP-MS
The sample introduction system is a critical component of both ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments. The design of the sample introduction system affects all aspects of performance, including sensitivity, stability, washout, memory, matrix tolerance, sample compatibility and also oxide level and isotope ratio precision in the case of ICP-MS. In addition, the purity of the materials that come into contact with the sample directly impact the level of the analytical blank. Savillex has over 30 years experience in fluoropolymer molding and unmatched expertise in the design and molding of PFA components for trace metal analysis. Our PFA digestion vials are the gold standard for geochemistry labs around the world, measuring metals at the picogram and femtogram level.

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