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Autocampionatore EasyPREP
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Several manual laboratory procedures may be automated using EasyPREP to increase laboratory productivity levels while lowering the risk of human errors.

Applications for the EasyPREP include:

Reagent additions - up to 7 reagents
Sample dilutions
Sample aliquoting
Sample transfers
Normalization (Optional)

Length: 60 cm / 23.6 in
Depth: 55 cm / 21.6 in
Height: 61 cm / 24.0 in
Weight: 27 kg / 59.5 lbs

PC Control:
Communication Port: USB
Software: LHM V 3.1; LIMS compatible
Interface:On/Off with LED power indication

EasyPREP is a sampling handling system designed for high precision reagent additions (up to 7 reagents), sample dilutions, sample aliquoting and more.  Handles volumes from 20 µL to liters.

EasyPREP user-friendly software offers intuitive method development configurations for your sample needs. Flexible lab solution for multiple applications.


◦ Designed for operation in labs where the presence of acid vapors may exist.
◦ Minimum metal components; maximum acid resistant plastic components.
◦ Complete acid resistant Kydex single piece housing.
◦ Non vapor penetrating electrical components (switches, connections, etc).
◦ Electronic cards with special coating to prevent acid vapor attack.
◦ Acid resistant bellows protects metal slides and closes openings in the instrument.
◦ Acid resistant sample/solution/reagent system including PEEK Probe, Fluropolymer tubing, plastic connectors, and ceramic valve.Typical Sample


◦ Weigh samples into pre-weighed 50 ml DigiTUBEs or 50 / 75 ml NOVAWAVE vessels.
◦ Dilute, add acid and other reagents using EasyPREP.
◦ Using the same tubes/vessels and racks, digest samples with DigiPREP Graphite Block or NOVAWAVE Microwave Digestion Systems.
◦ Add internal standard with EasyPREP directly in the digestion tube.
◦ Normalize to class ''A'' specifications.
◦ With EasyPREP and maintaining DigiTUBEs in the digestion racks, automatically transfer normalized samples to 15 ml Autosampler Tubes in AA / ICP OEM racks.
◦ Analyze samples.
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