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EasyPREP - COD Automatico
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Automated COD Analysis made easy
Automated COD Analyzer
Lab Automation Saves Time - Improves Precision


◦ The EasyPREP AutoChem is an automated COD analyzer
capable of analyzing up to 67 samples per rack.
◦ Complies to ISO 15705 and EPA 410.4.

Additional Features

◦ Easy-to-learn software makes lab implementation quick and simple
◦ Handles volumes from 100 ml.


◦ Increase productivity by performing off-hours operations automatically
◦ Eliminate mistakes through technician fatigue and inattention
◦ Reduce labor costs

Typical Sample Procedure

◦ Samples are placed in the 67-position sample rack.
◦ An aliquot of the sample is placed in an uncapped 16 mm COD tube.
    The COD tube rack may hold up to 67 tubes.
◦ An XYZ-sample arm transports the COD tube to other stations
▫ Decapping station
▫ Digestion block station (capacity 67 DigiTUBEs)
▫ Digest samples for two hours at 148 degrees Celcius
▫ Cool tubes
▫ Mixing shaking station
▫ PC controlled photometer station
◦ Data is recorded and exported to LIMS
▫ Barcode identification
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